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Painless Registration Process for Athletes, Staff, and Volunteers

Instant Access to Your Registration Revenue

Never guess how much money you are making on your event. Through Stripe Connect, you will immediately receive the registration money from your participants.

Pre-built Registration Workflows

En cuestión de minutos, puede configurar los requisitos de registro de su competencia, lo que facilita la captura de los detalles del atleta. Utilice nuestros campos preestablecidos o cree sus propios campos personalizados para obtener exactamente lo que necesita de sus participantes.

Customizable Data Collection and Product Sales

Create additional fields to be completed at registration. Our retail center allows you to build additional products that are displayed as your athletes checkout, increasing your overall revenue.


Streamline Event Programming with Workouts, Divisions, and Scoring Policies

Fast & Easy Set Up

Quickly define your athlete divisions and divisional registration caps. Create custom division titles that fit your event branding.

Manage Event Scoring from Start to Finish

Set scoring policies for each workout individually, or set one policy for your entire event. Dynamic tie break options allows you to plan for any close finish.

Design the Athlete Workout Experience

Control release date and time to keep your athletes guessing. Add dynamic descriptions, photos, and movement standards videos to make it easy for your athletes to get all the information they need in one place.


Dinámica Horario that Adapts with Change

Organize the Timeline of Your Event

Direct integration with your registration list and event programming means that we give you simple choices as you build your schedule. From different stage locations, to exact heat transition times, we take the fuss out of getting your athlete schedules perfect.

Organize Your Volunteers and Staff

Simply put, scheduling goes beyond the athlete. Our scheduling solution gives you the power to layout assignments for all your judges, volunteers and staff.

Share Your Event Schedule with Ease and Clarity

Once you’ve created your exact schedule specifications, you can print or digitally share a well organized schedule. Know when your event will finish.

Tablas de Clasificación

Real-time Tablas de Clasificación to Show Who's on Top

Visually Optimized for any Device

Las tablas de clasificación de tu competencia se muestran maravillosamente en cada resolución en cualquier dispositivo. Nuestra rápida infraestructura basada en la nube garantiza que su audiencia pueda acceder a sus clasificaciones rápidamente.

Make Leaderboards a Dynamic Part of the Athlete and Fan Experience

Keep your audience on the edge of their seat as scores are published to leaderboards that update as soon as you hit the “publish” button. Use our Billboard setting to display on a TV or jumbotron.

Eliminate Mistakes at Your Scores Table

Share a unique URL link with your staff that allows you to control access into the score entry page. Verify scores are correct with our “preview leaderboard” function. Never display an inaccurate leaderboard again.


Márketing Tools to Promote your Event

Customized Event Websites

Our powerful competition marketing tools help you quickly launch a professional website that you can be proud of. Use your custom landing page to communicate important competition details to your athletes, staff and spectators.

Make More Money on Your Events

Our sponsorship kit allows you to offer unique logo placements with customizable content. Ensure your sponsors are gaining value through trackable impressions.

Athlete Profiles Means More Engagement

With a custom profile, athletes have the ability to drop a ‘humble brag’ and share their accomplishments with their friends and followers. Admin settings make sure you remain in control of your displays and event branding.

Online Events & Qualifiers

Expand your Community with Simple Virtual Competition Tools

Expand Your Reach with Online Competitions.

No matter the size of your competition, adding an online element allows you to reach more athletes and increase revenue. With a click of a button, our system settings can be transformed to make online event planning a breeze.

Easily Send Invitations to Your Live Event

Generate a unique registration code for each athlete based on actual results of your qualifying stage. Built in automation allows you to invite the next athlete on your list as soon as the previous invite expires. Our invitation solution saves you so much time, freeing you up to do other things.

Video Submission and Review Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Athletes can easily upload workout videos for online score submission. With shared video review, staff and volunteers can verify or decline an athlete’s performance with the click of a button.

24/7 Organizer and Athlete support

Our Expertise and Resources Guide you Before and During your Event

Built in Staff You Didn’t Know You Had

When you work with Throwdowns, you gain access to an experienced staff of event organizers, competitive athletes and Affiliate owners. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

Find Answers Quickly

Our help center contains a complete library of articles written around real experiences. We designed our search function to bring up the most relevant information based on what you have in mind. If you have a question related to running a competition, we have an article to address it.

When Your Event is Live…. So Are We!

Through the chat function built right into our website, you can head into competition day knowing we are there when you need us. Our average support response is less than 3 minutes, but we are always looking for a PR.

Switch Today and Step Up Your Game with Throwdowns.

Switching to the Throwdowns platform is easy. Experience no downtime, data issues, or payment hiccups. We’ll walk you through it!

  • Work with a dedicated rep to assist with your switch (or to start your first competition)
  • Create and publish in a matter of minutes
  • Migrate athlete registrations and events details
  • Free to get up and running


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