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Summer throwdowns can be tough to do because of the heat. But you can absolutely host an awesome event in the spiciest season of the year! There are a few things you should do for your attendees to ensure that they have an awesome time.

Consider the sweat effect

When you’re programming your workouts, you need to think about what we call the “sweat effect.” If it’s going to be hot in your gym, there are going to be sticky, sweaty people. Some movements are tougher than others if you are sweaty – have you ever jumped on a pull-up bar with sweaty hands? You’re probably going to need some extra chalk on hand for your athletes. And you might want to consider skipping out on the burpees or leaving an extra minute or two between heats to dry the ground so future heats don’t slip and fall (or complain). If you have access to a body of water, this is the perfect time to program a swim wod. Just to set the record straight – we are not at all saying to avoid sweaty movements! Just make sure you are adequately prepared.

Airflow and Tent Alley

It’s HOT. We know! Make extra accommodations for your airflow – not just for your athletes, but for your spectators, judges and volunteers. If you are throwing down in a facility with A/C, awesome! If you aren’t, maybe borrow a few extra fans, open up the garage doors, and do whatever you can to keep air moving throughout the day so it doesn’t feel so hot. Also, leave plenty of space around your venue for athletes to set up their cool-down tents. You’d likely do this in any season!

Early start or FNL

If summers are brutally hot where you are, you might consider an early start or a Friday Night Lights style competition. FNL is a great option for a smaller competition – start to throw down when the sun sets. Even better if you have access to an outdoor facility and can really compete under the lights. The pictures will be well worth it, and the heat won’t be quite as bad (but depending on your location, you might want to consider having bug spray on hand).

Cold snacks

Make sure to have lots of cold drinks available during competition day. Up your profit margins by keeping water on hand for free, but selling more premium drinks like coconut water, Kill Cliff or gatorade. And a great way to take your summer event to the next level is with a summer-appropriate food truck to keep your athletes and spectators cool. Hire a shaved-ice truck like Kona Ice, which is available in 48 states.


The best part about a summer competition is the potential for an afterparty, especially if you are hosting at your facility. Open the garage doors and fire up the grill while things are getting torn down and cleaned up. If it’s a part of your community, encourage members to bring drinks and sides to share. Or, you can always pack up and head to a spot nearby – we’ll let you decide if the best celebration meal is burgers and beers or tacos and margaritas.

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