Online Competitions: 102

In this post, we covered why you should launch an online competition, even in the hot summer months. Online competitions are a great option to drive engagement in your community, donate to charity without running a full competition, run a qualifier for a larger-scale event, or raise money for new equipment in your gym. Our […]

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Online Competitions: 101

We get it – summer can be a tough time of year to throw an in-person competition, especially if you live somewhere where you could cook an egg on the pavement at high noon. Throwing a competition is a great way to grow the engagement in your gym community and raise money at the same […]

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Athletes register for the wrong division? They can change it in 30 seconds.

When you’re running a competition, the last thing you want to deal with over and over is helping athletes who need or want to make a change to their registration. You can consider leaderboard name changes, partner modifications, athletes who registered for the wrong division, and “Please change my shirt size!” emails from your athletes […]

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5 Things All Summer Throwdowns Should Do

Summer throwdowns can be tough to do because of the heat. But you can absolutely host an awesome event in the spiciest season of the year! There are a few things you should do for your attendees to ensure that they have an awesome time. Consider the sweat effect When you’re programming your workouts, you […]

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Honor the Fallen

Memorial Day shouldn’t end when the clock hits midnight. For many, it doesn’t. There are families with empty seats at their dinner table. Friends who writes letters that will never be read. Brothers and sisters in arms who will forever remember their fallen comrades. The safety of the many is paid for by the few. […]

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Do you have four minutes? Launch your competition.

In four minutes flat, there’s not a lot that you can start-to-finish accomplish. You could brush your teeth twice. If you have been active for awhile, you might be able to knock Fran out of the park. You could vacuum a single room of your residence (not including the baseboards, if you are so inclined). […]

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