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We continue to color a little outside the lines with our fifth post in an ongoing series of feature highlights for our all-in-one competition management platform. As we continue to illustrate just how many areas of your business we can help you impact, this post builds on our last post and takes you through how to maximize revenues from retail… -BM

Many organizers will tell you after very little prodding that the money they make on athlete registration pays the bills, but the extras are where they make their profits. Throwdowns lets you list items for sale before, during, or after the competition, and simplifies the payment process for your athletes and their friends and family members.

I know what you’re thinking, “So what? I can sell retail at the event. Why should I set all this up online?” The answer is simple: friction. By putting your gear online, you reduce the friction the registrant feels during the sale. Who among us hasn’t been in the midst of a transaction and seen that “you might also like” item and just added it to the cart? It’s all online and will be delivered to my house (or included in my athlete’s bag, in this case) and my credit card is already in the system, so…

This is critical for organizers to understand and maximize. Items we’ve seen our organizers include for sale include, but are not limited to:

  • Commemorative event shirts
  • Numbered athlete shorts and shirts
  • Equipment used at the event
  • Raffle tickets

Quantities can be limited for things like first-run shirts, early bird specials, etc to create a sense of FOMO and a sense of scarcity. With the ability to set as many items for sale as you wish, differentiating sizes, colors, and gender-specific clothing is simple.

We also let you Set sizing pick lists for your items. This makes it simple for you to order the right quantities of each item and not end up with extra inventory on event day! It also gives you proof of what the athlete selected so there’s no confusion if they can’t remember.

Under the “Registration” menu, you can set up retail.

This section also offers the ability to do something CrossFitters like even more than Thrusters and Chest-to Bar pulls-ups: Charitable donations. That CrossFit has its roots within the military and first-responder communities means we always take care of our own. As a result, there seem to be as many fund-raising competitions as there are those that are truly competitive or for profit.

Throwdowns’ retail features let you make a donation “item” available to your registrants, making it easy for them to get receipts, easy for you to track and separate donations from fees, and provide easy visibility to your charities about what’s been raised on their behalf. Simply create an item “for sale” like we did in the video above, but call it a donation and you’re off!

While online payment processing is nothing new – and it certainly isn’t sexy – it is critically important to you as the organizer of a competition. Throwdowns has chosen to integrate with Stripe, one of the premier online payment processors in the industry. I’m sure when I say “payment processing”, you think “FEES!” 

We think we’ve made this simple for you. We put the control over who pays fees in your hands. Prices can be set based on whether to charge fees to the user or to include fees in the price. Just remember that if you choose to include fees in the price, you’ll need to ensure that you build them in so you’re still as profitable – or charitable – as you intended to be!

We hope you’re enjoying these posts. Feel free to comment or drop us a line with any topic you want us to cover. See you next week!

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