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What are the most important items to pack in your gear bag for a CrossFit competition? Much like packing for a vacation or preparing for a shopping trip, we recommend putting together a handy checklist so that you don’t forget anything important. Most competitions are all day affairs, so you’ll want to carefully prepare so that you don’t stress out (or run out to the store) during valuable recovery periods between WODs.

Two of the most obvious categories you’ll want to think about are clothing and nutrition.

Unlike a typical classroom workout in the box, you’ll be completing multiple workouts throughout the day and likely won’t have an opportunity to shower. Unless you like spending the day in sweaty, smelly clothing, be sure to take enough changes of clothing to get you through the day.

Competitions increasingly offer food items for purchase through local vendors, but don’t leave anything to chance. In addition to recovery drinks and protein powders, consider packing a small cooler with a few small meals just in case you need to rely on it. At a minimum, a couple of premixed shakes, a pound or so of cubed chicken breast, some mashed sweet potatoes, and a couple of bananas would make for a good competition lunch box.

Don’t forget the essentials like top notch recovery powders when planning your competition lunch box!

A few essentials to kick off the list:

  • Shaker bottles (including protein & electrolyte powders)
  • Food (shakes, cubed chicken breast, bananas, etc.)
  • Shoes (oly & metcon)
  • Extra clothes (shirts, shorts, socks, etc.)
  • Compression gear (belt, wraps, sleeves, tape, etc.)
  • Personalized/fitted items (jump rope)
  • Miscellaneous (deodorant, phone charger, camera, etc.)

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