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With so many gear options on the market, it can be hard to pick what to pack on competition day. We have seen it all in the 700 competitions we have been a part of. There are so many options on the market to choose from, but we wanted to compile a list of “must-haves” to pack in your gear bag for game day.

Without further delay: The 5 Gear Essentials That Will Make You Bulletproof on Competition Day (or at least will help!):

  1. Hand Protection – Ripping a callous ruins competition day like nothing else. Pack your gymnastics grips, like these Bear Komplex Grips, to help the fight against ripping. We strongly recommend against using brand new grips for the first time on competition day. If you are between pairs, opt for a more single-use product like these Natural Grips, or Wod & Done Grips
  2. Knee Sleeves – Competitions test athletes in a variety of ways. One of those way will usually include a heavy or high rep squat movement – thrusters, wall balls, max clean complexes. Pack your knee sleeves to cope with the stress. Pro tip: bring something to put your stinky sleeves in at the end of the day, because *nothing* has the potential to stink up your gym bag quite like used knee sleeves.
  3. Roller – You are going to want to (or NEED to) roll out between events. Your host gym may not have enough rollers for everyone, so pack your own roller just to be safe.
  4. Spare Jump Rope – CrossFitters prepare for the unexpected. That includes unexpectedly breaking a jump rope. Bring along your go-to jump rope – we love the RPM rope, or if you’re looking for a cheaper option, the SR-3S is great as well! You might want to pack a spare just in case. Who knows – you might have a teammate who forgets to bring theirs along, and you’ll get to save the day with your extra.
  5. Weight belt – You are probably going to want a weight belt for heavy events. Your host gym may have enough for a normal class but not for a full-fledged competition. Bring your own along for added peace of mind. Bonus points if it matches your comp-day outfit.

There are so many great gear options to choose from. On competition day, being prepared with your favorite gear is more important than the brand of gear in your bag. These are the five staples we think you should definitely bring along, regardless of brand.

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