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The team here at Throwdowns.com is deeply committed to the purpose of empowering CrossFit athletes and box owners with the tools to run charity competitions. Our first event ever (last summer) was Battle for the Box hosted at CrossFit Cool Springs here in middle Tennessee in support of myLIFEspeaks, and there’s been a regular cadence of charity competitions ever since. In fact, I’d estimate that nearly half of our events since inception have been CrossFit competitions whose primary goal is to build a better community or raise funds for a selfless cause.

Our philosophy is simple: if you are giving up your time to help someone else, then we want to help you do it more effectively! And if we can’t find a way to grow a sustainable business with the remaining universe of for-profit events, then we’ll have to more closely examine our business model or shut the proverbial doors.

If you’re a box owner and are thinking about hosting a competition for a charity purpose, let us help you save time, increase impact, and build reputation with our best-of-class registration & scoring system. You have our word that we’ll provide it at the lowest possible price point, and in some select circumstances, that might even mean that we are able to provide it at zero-cost!

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