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VETWOD is our first annual online-only functional-fitness competition to benefit veterans. We started VETWOD out of a common goal: to serve the veteran community.

Throwdowns.com is a veteran founded and co-owned company that provides registration and scoring solutions for fitness competitions worldwide.

In Fall 2017, Technical Sergeant Sebastian Paz of the USAF reached out to Throwdowns.com for help with a benefit competition. At the time, Seb was stationed in the UAE on a six month tour. While on tour, he saw a need for new equipment at the gym on the base, and the idea for a competition was born. Proceeds for Seb’s competition would go towards new equipment. When he reached out for help, Throwdowns.com jumped at the opportunity to be involved.

Shortly thereafter, we decided it was time to use our network of athletes for a good cause. We knew we wanted to benefit the veteran community in some way and we also knew we wanted Seb to be involved. He got into the military to help people – first as a firefighter, and then in emergency medical evacuation. He knew from the get-go that he wanted to be a medic, to help. Seb is back home in the USA and is working towards his Masters of Nursing, which he will use to continue his legacy of helping people.

We teamed up to bring VETWOD to life. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Mission 22, an organization that aims to end veteran suicide. We are deeply committed to raising funds and awareness towards the cause.

You can register to compete, donate, or purchase merchandise by visiting the the VETWOD page. Click “Register Now”.

You can also stay up to date with VETWOD on Instagram.

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