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The Open is practically here and some at Throwdowns HQ are notorious head cases. We wrote up a few stay-sane rules for surviving the Open. If you are anything like us, maybe you will benefit from this list also.

#intheopen #staysane

1. You can only do what you can do. Do your best. Not *insert name of person you are competitive with’s* best. YOUR best.

2. If it hurts – actually hurts (you know your body), stop. Pain is not weakness leaving the body. It’s the body telling you to stop.

3. No redos. Do your very best and move on with your week.

4. Set a designated amount of time to whine, troll the leaderboard, and strategize; and don’t exceed it. Nonverbal whining still counts as whining, so choose your time wisely. We’ll be #leaderboarding with all our friends and frenemies on a custom Throwdowns.com leaderboard.

5. If your 1 rep is 150 pounds, you probably aren’t going to hit 165 for reps, or if it’s a movement you’re not proficient at or have never done successfully, you probably won’t do 15 in a row. Take a breath and review Rule #1.

6. You are probably not going to Regionals. Take a breath and review Rule #1.

**That said, if you are going to Regionals, shoot us a message – we’d love to help you get there with a fundraiser competition at a highly discounted rate.**

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