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If you’re looking to take an established event to the next level, you need to do more than run a great competition. You need to think about building a brand. One tool that you can use to help build your competition brand is social media.

An important rule: social media is not an end unto itself. At best, it’s one metric that you can use to gauge the success of your brand as a whole. The true purpose of social media is to drive people to action. For a fitness competition, this means a few main things: getting athletes to register; encouraging their friends and family to come support them; and recruiting sponsors who want to reach all of those people in one place.

Here are 3 guidelines for a successful social media strategy that you can use to build your competition brand:

1. Be clear and concise

Social media is built for short attention spans. You have to make your point obvious immediately. Posts need to have a single, focused message that catches your eye as you scroll. “Less is more” should be your mantra. Think about the Twitter platform and its 140 character limit — there’s no room for excess.

2. Tell a story

People care about people. They relate to stories because they like to see themselves in them. The stories you tell in your social media posts should inspire people to be apart of what your competition stands for. By connecting with your audience through stories, they will want to connect with you.

3. Engage first

Once people want to connect with your brand, you must give them the opportunity. It needs to be simple for them to take action. The best way to engage people online is with links. Every post you make needs to have a “next step” link that will engage your audience further. This doesn’t have a be a “sale” — think of it as continuing a conversation by offering something else to your athletes.

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