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Throwdowns.com understands that you need a solution that does exactly what you need — no more and no less. You know what you need to best run your event, but you don’t want to pay for extra services you don’t need. You need flexibility. And guess what? We have it.

  • Easy to launch landing pages
  • Highly configurable registration forms
  • Standard and customizable scoring policies
  • Multiple options for choosing how you get paid
  • Around-the-clock customer support
  • Special pricing for military and charity events
  • Price match guarantees

We are constantly tweaking our business and products based on customer feedback, because our goal is to be a great partner, create relationships that last a lifetime, and make sure that our product is even better the next time that you use it. To that end, we’ve been experimenting with our pricing model and have converged on three options that seem to offer maximum flexibility for the most common needs of the CrossFit competition software market.


All options are at a predictable fixed price, and our most popular option is the fully-integrated registration and scoring package at $299 USD. However, we also know that some competitions may be looking or last minute scoring solutions so we make it super easy to import your registration data and deliver best-in-class leaderboards to your athletes and spectators. (It’s not all that uncommon to help organizers and coaches get setup as late as the night before.)

We’d love to partner with you on your next event, so if you have an event that doesn’t fit into one of our boxes, let us know! We will build the exact level of service you need, at a price just for you.

Whether it’s in your training schedule or in business: flexibility is strength!

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