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This is the third in a series highlighting our newest feature: Scheduling. Over the next few posts, we’ll walk you through the steps you’ll take to create a schedule that works for your site, your athletes, and your volunteers. To read the first post in the series for a comprehensive view of all scheduling features, click here to start from the beginning  -BM


Last week, we set up our workouts and athlete seeding, to include things like time between heats, number of available lanes, and number of athletes per heat. We also discussed how to seed athletes for exposure purposes, or based on the criteria of your choosing. This week, we’ll demonstrate the flexibility our competition management software provides to you, the organizer, as it relates to Event Timing, Heat Management, and Judge Scheduling.

Reviewing and Adjusting Event Timing

By navigating to “Schedules” under the menu, you are presented with a very powerful screen. This shows you, at a glance, what the time window for your events will be. For example, in the image below, Day 2 will run from 7:00AM to 2:01PM as currently constructed. Should your events run longer than you’d like – or if you have a large changeover between events due to equipment differences, our application lets you adjust the “Transition Time” slider to the required amount of time between events to accommodate your needs. These transition time will impact the overall time allocated for the Segment and will be reflected at the segment level once saved.

Using this slider, you can see the impact of time adjustments on your schedule for each event and segment

Managing Heats

We now get to one of the most powerful features of the Throwdowns application: Heat Management. On this screen, we provide you with the capability to swap athlete assignments. For instance, you are able to click on an athlete in Heat 1, Lane 4, then select the athlete in Heat 2, Lane8 and choose “swap”. This will instantly relocate and reschedule their event times. This is particularly important and powerful when considering heats that have multiple empty lanes due to odd athlete registration counts. In that scenario, our platform allows you to move the overflow from Men’s Scaled Karen into a Women’s Scaled Karen heat such that all lanes are in use and your competition runs more efficiently.

Manage Heats, Athletes, and Lane Assignments quickly and easily

Judge Scheduling

Our Judge Scheduling tool provides you with tremendous flexibility in much the same way as our athlete heat scheduling tool does. As the screen shot below depicts, we provide you with the ability to manually enter Judge names for each event and division. This is particularly useful in the mayhem that we all have experienced on competition day, when judges – who are all volunteers – need to change their schedules at the last minute, need a break, or have to leave early. By simply navigating to the appropriate event, you can enter the judge name for each lane. So when the event is about to start and a lane is unmanned, you have a quick reference for who should be where and can find the people you need!

Judge lane assignment is made simple in our tool Manual entry is permitted to keep things simple and let you make changes on the fly


This concludes our introduction to the Scheduling feature of our competition management application. We feel that the addition of these features will make a significant difference to our faithful users and we look forward to hearing your feedback on how we can make it even better for you!

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