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Mother’s Day is May 12. Looking for the perfect gift for the active mom in your life? We have some suggestions.


For new or expecting moms:

The BirthFit Empack – $159

We love the BirthFit Empack because it has all the components of a diaper bag, a laptop bag, and a fitness accessory. It has plenty of space to accommodate all baby and mom’s necessities, with intuitively placed zippers for getting to that bag of wipes that fell to the bottom of the bag. When mom is ready to get a workout in at home or on the go, all she needs to do is fill up the available water reservoirs. When full, they add fifteen pounds a-piece of swingable, squat and press-worthy resistance.


Massage – Price varies

This gift applies to all moms, but especially those in the early stages of aches and pains from toting around baby – whether in utero or a newborn on her hip. She will love a little R&R and her tired muscles will be grateful for the attention. Find out if there is a studio or therapist she uses and loves already, and purchase a gift card from them for extra brownie points.



For the mom who lives the gym life:

2Pood Sparkly Lifting Belt – $59.99

Who says you can’t get mom something sparkly? Snag a lifting belt for the functional-fitness or heavy-lifting mom in your life. Way better than costume jewelry!

Qalo Ring – $20-$25

Invest in a qalo ring or two so Mom can keep her rings on while she works out. Save the risk of scratching her nice rings. Qalo rings are stylish, functional and comfortable. This is also a great gift for the mom who works in healthcare and can’t wear rings with sharp points at work.



For the mom who prefers fitness outside the gym:

FitBit – Price varies, but around $100

For the mom on the go, consider a FitBit or other smartwatch. She’ll be able to track her steps, heart rate and calories burned. She’ll be able to get a workout in and keep up with her fitness goals from anywhere in the world – no gym needed.

Resistance Bands – $15-$61

Mom can get a full-body workout in from anywhere in the world (or just in her living room!) with a few resistance bands. Bonus: they are easy to pack for fitness while on adventures – whether up the road or around the globe.



For the mom who is a culinary goddess (real or aspiring):

A Whimsical Apron – $20

Pair a new apron with a few fancy spices and you’ll have a gift that the culinary goddess in your life will be sure to appreciate.

Cook Once, Eat All Week – $22

Written by the creator of Fed and Fit, Cook Once Eat All Week is a revolutionary new cookbook that does exactly what you think it does – outlines a meal plan that allows you to cook once a week, but make healthy, delicious and – most importantly – varied food. Snag your copy for the mom who loves to cook but also wants to reclaim her hours spent meal-prepping.


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