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Programming for an online competition requires you to think about a few things ahead of time:

  1. Do you need to collect and review video submissions?
  2. How many athletes do you anticipate in the online event?
  3. If “Yes” to question 1, will you have help reviewing videos?
  4. What equipment does your list of athletes have access to?

If you need to collect and review video submissions, you’ll want to program workouts that are relatively easy to fit in a video frame. How long will your workouts be? If they are long, or for time but without a cap, you could be stuck reviewing videos for many hours. If you want to program longer workouts, then you’ll either need a lot of help reviewing videos or a lower number of athletes.

Who is your online competition for? If they are primarily athletes with access to a full gym, then you can be more creative with the workouts you program. But if your target audience is broader and more garage-gym oriented (and therefore might have less equipment), you might want to create workouts with less variance in equipment.

However complicated or simple your qualifier workouts, we make it easy to invite people to help you review scores without giving them access to other parts of your competition. Reach out to us and let us know you’d like to invite a few judge friends to review videos, and we’ll show you how to invite them to collaborate in the score review process.

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