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In this post, we covered why you should launch an online competition, even in the hot summer months. Online competitions are a great option to drive engagement in your community, donate to charity without running a full competition, run a qualifier for a larger-scale event, or raise money for new equipment in your gym.

Our platform at Throwdowns.com allows you to set-up a competition in about 4 minutes, but the set-up for an online competition has a few small differences.

When you are initially setting up your competition, you’ll select that it is an online event. You can do this in the initial setup stage, pictured, but if you miss it on the first pass, you can always add it later in the Marketing section of your competition dashboard.

The next question you’ll answer is when the full competition dates are. Enter the full time-span of your competition! If it’s going to run over 4 weeks, enter that it’s going to run for 4 weeks. You’ll configure individual workout submission timelines a little later in setup.

Once you’ve gone through the other set-up stages, you’ll come back to your competition dashboard to set individual workout submission details. Click “Marketing,” followed by “Online Scoring.” Any workouts you’ve created will show up on this screen.

On this screen, you can set up what details should display when athletes click on your workout names. This is a great place to embed a standards video, link to a printable scorecard, or add any specific submission requirements you have.

A little lower on the screen, you’ll decide when each workout should open and close for submissions, along with whether or not you will require a video link along with scores. You can always make changes to any of these items later, but it’s good to set them up front.

(NOTE: the open/close deadlines are not public to your athletes, so you’ll make to make sure they know when scores are due. The open and close times are also set to the timezone you selected when you first created your competition. Need help altering that? Just let us know.)

Looking for more information on setting up your online qualifier? Get in touch with us by hitting the chat icon in the lower righthand corner of your screen. Say hello! We’d love to help you plan your online event.

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