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Just like any other competitive sporting event, CrossFit athletes and spectators want to have a clear view of who’s winning, by how much, and the context that they need to game out strategies and hypotheticals to clinch the win. In other words, all eyes are on the leaderboard.

If you’re a box owner organizing a competition, consider the following benefits:

  • A professional website that you can customize to market and communicate about your event
  • The most streamlined registration/payment process imaginable
  • Best-of-class leaderboards with a variety of scoring policies that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices
  • A lightning fast data entry process for entering scores during the crunch-time of the competition.
  • An easy and flexible setup process to enter in divisions, workouts, and scoring standards
  • Instant leaderboard/scoring updates during your competition and a variety of reporting formats for announcing winners
  • The best customer service in the business

If you’ve already opted to use EventBrite or another option for registration, we’ll even import your data if you want to try out our leaderboards and scoring system.

Your athletes, spectators, and event staff all deserve the best, and now you can give it to them. Don’t settle for a link to an online spreadsheet or piece of paper taped to the wall. Give everyone at your event a premium experience and build a reputation that’s second to none.

Save Time. Increase Impact. Build Reputation. Throwdowns.com

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