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Our mission at Throwdowns.com is to equip community leaders and coaches at CrossFit affiliates with powerful tools to save time, increase impact, and build reputation. Our comprehensive registration and scoring system carefully considers the needs of everyone involved and provides a seamless and well-integrated solution. Whether it’s the event staff (organizers, judges, volunteers, sponsors), the athletes, or the spectators, we’ve got them covered.

Event organizers can get up and running with our turn-key registration system in minutes to create a professional landing page that communicates a clear call to action for athletes to register and submit payment, resulting in funds being available for organizers as early as one week from when registration commences. Although the default registration template is adequate for most needs, it can trivially be customized to capture custom data fields, additional donations and gratuities supporting a charity component, or even the sale of limited quantities of pre-paid merchandise such as t-shirts, meals at the event venue, etc.

Here’s a view of a sample registration form featuring some of these bells and whistles from Heroes for Haiti, an online virtual competition supporting children in Haiti that we’re proud to sponsor again this year. This registration form is functional, elegant, and works just as well on a phone as it does a desktop computer.


Sample registration form with opt-in for purchase of additional “merchandise” at checkout. (Click to view full size image in a new browser window.)

The estimated burden to signup for a competition with our registration system is 90 seconds or less, and we’ve carefully designed it to work on a variety of mobile devices so that event participants will register early and help spread the word. It can even be used for special no-fee staff positions (judges, volunteers, etc.), for collecting funds from sponsors, or even for registering spectators if there is limited crowd capacity available due to fire codes or other constraints.

Using one best in class registration system for everyone maximizes the amount of time saved so that it can be spent on more valuable efforts that will inevitably increase the impact of the event and build valuable brand equity for your box.

For more information on our best of class all-in-one registration and scoring system, request a free trial.

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