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How to use a qualifier to make extra money for and remove headaches from your fitness competition

Throwdowns makes it easy to organize an online qualifier for your event.  Whether you’re putting on an in-house throwdown, a local or regional event, or a top-tier competition with big prizes, a qualifier may be the perfect start to your competition.

Done right, a qualifier can help you provide the best possible event for your athletes while maximizing the excitement and impact of your main competition.  And a qualifier can benefit your competition’s bottom line too!

Benefits of an Online Qualifier

A qualifier can help you figure out many key details for your competition in advance of the main event.

Not sure what the demand might be for your in-person competition?  Hold a qualifier and you can get a feel for how many athletes are interested – and what division they are interested in.  This information can directly feed back into setting registration caps – both overall and by-division. The number of athletes competing is also crucial to know as you’re selecting a venue, acquiring equipment and recruiting event day staff, volunteers and judges.

Want to seed your competition heats, but not sure how to do so?  The outcome of your qualifier will give you ranked performances for all of the athletes and teams in each division.  Using Throwdowns’ Scheduling Kit , you can quickly proceed with seeding heats based upon the qualification performances.  Heat scheduling based upon your qualifier will give you confidence that you’ll have comparable athletes and teams pushing each other in every heat. Better for the athletes, and more exciting for your spectators!

Fitness Competition Scheduling

Opening and Closing Registration

Unsure how to generate initial interest in your event, so that you can make sure it goes well when the day comes for everyone to get together and compete?  By announcing, promoting, and holding an online qualifier, you can work to get people excited about the event in advance. Athletes that compete in the qualifier will have already self-selected as interested in your competition, and they’ll feel invested in participating.  As they train and do the qualifier workouts, they’ll be serving as ambassadors for your competition at the same time. Nothing gets competitive athletes more excited for a competition than having to compete to get into that competition!

And a great, potentially unexpected benefit of having an online qualifying round before your main event:  A qualifier can provide you with an additional revenue stream!  Say for instance that you will charge $10 per athlete ticket for your qualifier, and you end up having 100 athletes sign-up to participate.  That’s $1000 additional dollars for your competition, with very minimal additional work and no in-person event expenses required since the qualifier is conducted online via Throwdowns.com. This extra income can help with numerous things you need to pay for in advance of the main competition.

How to Host Your Qualifier

You can use Throwdowns to host your qualifier, and then use the results of that qualifier to power your Throwdowns-hosted competition too.

Throwdowns makes it easy to create a competition page for your qualifier.  You can set up registration date ranges, when you’d like to release each of your qualifier’s workouts, and what your workout scoring policies are along with any deadlines your athletes need to know.

One of the beauties of an online qualifier is that athletes enter their scores themselves.  When you setup workout scoring requirements, you can choose to require athlete video submissions (or not).  Requiring athletes to submit video confirmation online lets you verify that each athlete completed the workouts per the standards.  Video submissions do require a larger time commitment from your organizing team as someone needs to review the videos to confirm workouts were completed correctly, but you have the option of inviting other people to help you do the reviews by sharing score entry links. This grants access to review scores, without access to more sensitive information like revenue collected or athletes’ contact information. We recommend involving other people from your box and event team in the review process to speed things up and allow you to proceed on other competition planning tasks.

Fitness Competition Scoring Policy

Setting a Scoring Policy

If you choose to make your main competition invite-only, you can also use the results of your qualifier to decide who to invite.  You can export your athletes, sort them by your leaderboard results from the qualifier, and then import those you wish to invite to compete in finals via Throwdowns’ “Invitations” features.  Our invitational feature allows you to manage athlete invitations by named campaigns (think “First round” or “Top Ten Athletes” or the like).  You can set invitations to expire after a given period of time, and the Throwdowns system will let you send more than one round of invitations to help you work your way do the list of possible invitees until you’ve filled your event’s available athlete slots.

As you can see, a qualifier can add many positives to your competition — an additional revenue stream, a turnout estimate for your final event, a way to seed your heats, and much more!  We strongly encourage you to use online qualifiers whenever it makes sense for your competition.

For even more information and tips on planning your best competition possible, please see our “Host Amazing Competitions: The Guide for Organizing Successful Fitness Events.” When you’re ready to start, Throwdowns is here to help.


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