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This is the third installment in an ongoing series of feature highlights for our all-in-one competition management platform. We’re systematically illustrating just how easy it is for you to launch and run an amazing competition to bring your community together in a fresh and exciting way. This post builds off our last post and takes you through configuring an online competition for your athletes, including self-service score submission and judging. Future posts will follow and cover the collection of score information, heat scheduling, and more… -BM

So you’ve been thinking about doing a competition in your gym. Your members say they’ll participate, but nobody can agree on when. You decide you won’t have the competition. Your members protest. They even talk about how they were going to partner with someone from another box or an old friend who will be in town. What to do?

At least on compelling answer to the question is to run an online competition.

Benefits of an Online Competition

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Your members can do the workouts on their own time
  • Their friends don’t even need to be in town to join in on the fun
  • Your box can get exposure outside of your area
  • You can easily partner with other local boxes and expand the competition size because space is not longer a limitation factor
  • Your awesome programming can get the exposure it deserves
  • The expanded audience and participant pool can earn you significantly more money on your investment
  • Judging submission videos can be made more consistent since you’re not recruiting from a pool of unknown quality
  • Judging can be performed at a time of your choosing
  • No need to coordinate the schedules and availability of a large group

Next, let’s discuss some important differentiators that make us the right place for your online competition.

How Online Scoring Works

One of the most common questions we’re asked with planning an online competition is whether to require videos for each workout and how to deal with judging and scoring. This is one of the most common questions for good reason for at least two reasons:

  1. From an athlete’s perspective, the merit and credibly of an online competition depends largely on the fairness of whether the leaderboards are racked and stacked correctly
  2. From an organizer’s perspective, the evaluation of online videos to ensure everything is on the up-and-up is likely the most time consuming aspect of the entire process

The good news is that we’ve helped facilitate our fair share of online competitions, and we’ve optimized our competition management platform to make these things as easy as possible for you!

First and foremost, we put you in full control over whether videos are required, optional, or not an option at all. This is configurable at the workout level, so you can require videos of things that occur in the gym but decide to go on the honor system for things like runs or long cardio segments.

Make video submission required, optional, or unavailable based on your competition’s needs

As an organizer, you also have granular control over workout release and score submission windows. The screen shot below shows how each workout in your competition can be open for score submissions at different times.

Scoring submission start and end dates can be set here. Just like the Open!

Athlete Score Submission

In terms of how athletes submit scores, our platform is 100% self-service and allows athletes to submit a link to a video of their workout.

Organizer Score Review Workflow

Because the review of videos is likely the most time consuming aspect of your competition, we understand that you’ll likely want to recruit some help to spread out the work. However, you certainly won’t want to share the full scope of your account or share a username/password! More good news: we’ve made this easy and secure with limited access links to a special purpose “scoring kiosk” that can be sent to as many reviewers as you’d like to share it with. All you have to do is share the link, and the recipient will have limited access to the score review workflow part of your competition.

Links like this can be created for your competition so you can set up score submission stations at your competition to avoid score entry bottlenecks

For each athlete and workout, videos can be accepted, rejected, or marked as questionable by a reviewer. These screenshots from our mobile site show how we’ve made it friendly for your reviewers to do so from their phones during downtime, which avoids having to get behind a computer!


Athletes with questionable videos can be easily identified by the head judge or organizer of the event for further review. This person then has the option of accepting the video or assessing penalties where warranted.

Now that you understand how Throwdowns can help you maximize your competition’s exposure, expand its participant base, and simplify and distribute judging and scoring.



We have some great content lined up and are committed to keeping you informed on our product, its features, and how we can add value to you and your competition planning needs. Watch this space for more to come next week.

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