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A lot of work goes into branding a fitness competition. From creating a logo to choosing a color scheme, the visual aspects are crucial to the identity of your event. It’s important to not lose that brand identity when setting up your competition.

Our mission is to help you connect, train, and compete. Therefore, we have launched a new theming tool. This powerful new capability allows you to better market your competition, all while representing your own brand identity clearly and visually through the use of your color scheme, logo, and photo.

Theming options

Theming tool to improve brand identity

The theming tool is located within the marketing section of the toolbar.

Fitness competition theme color options to improve brand identity

Within the theming section, select either the throwdown light option or the throwdown dark option.

Customize fitness competition theme for your brand identity

Lastly, customize your theme by using colors specific to your brand.


This new tool just launched, and some of our clients are already using it! Check out some examples.

PIT Elite Teen THrowdownRFX Rumble in the Jungle Italian Showdown 2020 HYROX Virtual Championships of Fitness

Fitness competition before theming

Before, with no customization

Fitness competition after theming

After, with customization











Watch our one-minute video to see the process step-by-step.


Try it now

Create a landing page for your competition that is unique to your brand! Try it here and let us know how we can help.

Want to learn more? Check out this article that explains each theme setting in detail.

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