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Our fully-integrated registration and scoring system has been optimized for running elite fitness competitions for CrossFit athletes, but that’s not all we can handle. You can just as easily use it to organize 5k races, virtual competitions like online qualifiers, and much more! Here are a few “outside the box” ideas for how you can use our registration and leaderboard software.

1. 5K races, fun runs, obstacle courses, etc.

Road races, as well as adventure and obstacles runs, can be easy to organize and produce and are a logical choice if you want to expand your competition scope. Our registration system provides all sorts of amazing bells and whistles that allow you to provide a streamlined and easily customizable registration experience, capture payments on mobile devices, offer coupon codes, and more. In terms of leaderboards, you just configure divisions as usual and plug in scores for each athlete that completes the race. It’s instant gratification for athletes and a trivial amount of work for organizers of the race.

2. Virtual competitions

Who says your participants have to be in the same place at the same time? With our capacity that allows athletes to submit their own score and link to a video of their workout, you can hold a virtual competition similar to the CrossFit Open. This gives you far more flexibility for programming, the ability for more athletes to register, and the opportunity to expand to a larger geographic area. A virtual event also serves as a method to hold a qualifier for your live competition, should you wish to cater to more higher-level athletes.

Keep in mind that you will still need to review and validate all those videos, to maintain a standard of quality for your event. Given the time-intensive nature of this task, we recommend planning to spread out the workouts over at least several days, if not weeks. Depending on the size of your competition, you might even want to consider having 2 deadlines for submitting scores. The first, early deadline gives participants the opportunity to re-submit their score if standards were not met. The second and final deadline, however, will not afford that benefit.

3. Wellness challenges

Many affiliates have some version of a nutrition or lifestyle challenge they host during the year that helps their members set goals and stay accountable to them. Throwdowns.com allows you to easily manage registration and a point system that takes the hassle out of running a challenge like this. It also gives your event a professional and polished look, which encourages your members to take their commitment seriously.

Of course, just as we mentioned previously, you won’t be limited by geography for your wellness challenges. Friends and family members from all over the world can join in with your affiliate members during a challenge. This is a fantastic opportunity for community-building on a big scale. You can easily share your challenge leaderboard online to have real-time accountability for everyone involved, no matter where they are. 

4. Retention programs

Thinking of new and innovative ways to engage and retain your box members? You can use our software to run a rewards program that’s fun and different than what people are used to seeing. For example, let’s say you want to boost attendance at your affiliate during a slow month. You can reward members with “points” for attendance during a designated time frame, then award prizes at the end to anyone who came above a certain threshold goal that you designate. Our method of data entry is intuitive, simple, and easy to use, so you have a lot of flexibility in deciding how to set up something like a rewards program. This is truly a chance to be creative — the possibilities are endless!

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