Battle Cancer uses Throwdowns to bring their events to life.

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Battle Cancer has used Throwdowns since the beginning of their journey as a fitness event. Throwdowns has helped Battle Cancer grow from one 600-person competition per year to seven events across six countries with a total of 4500 finalist athletes. Battle Cancer uses Throwdowns to power nearly every aspect of their event.

“We need a system that makes our life as easy as possible. Throwdowns certainly does this.”

Q&A With the Organizers

What is your name?
Scott Britton, Battle Cancer Founder

How long have you been organizing fitness events?
Our first event was August 2017.

What made you first interested in trying out Throwdowns?
Throwdowns came highly recommended. We have never been disappointed!

What do you like most about using Throwdowns?
The system is perfect for monitoring all our events – the registrants and real-time scoring for each. We can alter and change all of our information in very quick time. The help from Kate, almost 24/7, has been invaluable.

How has Throwdowns made organizing an event easier for you?
From the beginning of launching a new event to finalizing the scoring, Throwdowns has made the process simple and easy. The Battle Cancer staff is a small team and we need a system that makes our life as easy as possible. Throwdowns certainly does this.

How has Throwdowns helped you connect to your athletes?
Throwdowns makes it easy to connect to our athletes throughout the entire event. They even enable us to keep track of past athletes to inform them of event outcomes and future competitions.

Would you throw another Throwdowns powered event?
Absolutely! We are already signed on through the year 2020. I personally could not recommend Throwdowns enough, and count the system as an essential to making a Battle Cancer event.

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