Competition Safety: 5 Things to Consider

The top priority for any event in the CrossFit community needs to be competition safety. No matter what your goals for your competition are, having someone get hurt is the absolutely last thing anyone wants to deal with. The best defense here is offense: the more prepared you are for the worst-case scenario, the safer […]

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Types of Competitions for CrossFit Athletes

  There are multiple types of competitions for CrossFit athletes. It may be tempting to want to “do it all” and include a little something for everyone, but we encourage you to consider otherwise. Creating a more specialized event gives you the opportunity to focus on quality over quantity. It makes your event more memorable and […]

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Top 5 Best Practices for Competition Planning

Get started on the right foot with these top 5 best practices for professional competition planning that will leave your athletes happy.

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Registration & Scoring System Product Highlights

Based on some helpful feedback, we’ve condensed our ~3 Minute Product Tour video with narration into a quick ~48 second video that highlights some of our registration and scoring system’s key features.

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Fully Integrated Registration & Scoring System

Our goal at is to help box owners, coaches, and other CrossFit community leaders save time, increase impact, and build reputation with our fully integrated registration and scoring system.

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Best in Class Registration for Everyone

Our mission at is to equip community leaders and coaches at CrossFit affiliates with powerful tools to save time, increase impact, and build reputation. Our comprehensive registration and scoring system carefully considers the needs of everyone involved and provides a seamless and well-integrated solution. Whether it’s the event staff (organizers, judges, volunteers, sponsors), the athletes, […]

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