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With the completion of The Games and the announcement of the next Open, we want to be sure you’re kept apprised of ways we can help you maintain member engagement and avoid burnout. There will be more about the Open as the date gets closer, but we think this is a good time to get you thinking about how you’ll handle the first Fall Open and your second one this year. -KS

Throwing an amazing Open Intramural is a no-brainer.

Your gym community is a family – and it’s your livelihood. It is in your best interest to drive engagement in your gym by hosting events and there’s no better time than the Open!

When you host your Intramural on Throwdowns.com, we provide the flexibility you need to make the Open work for you.

Whether you’re completing the Open Friday Night Lights-style, gathering on Saturday mornings, or as a class WOD integrated into your daily programming, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of the ways we can help:

  • Allowing athletes to log their own scores? Easy. Set up the start and end dates for score submissions ahead of time
  • Want to give your athletes wiggle room beyond the actual Open submission deadlines? In your intramural, you’re the boss. Set deadlines that suit your community
  • Prefer to log the scores yourself? No problem. You can do that, too
  • Want to create custom age and gender divisions? Maybe you only want to offer RX and Scaled divisions for men and women. Make the Open work for you by setting up only the divisions you want

Selling Open Intramural shirts? We can help you with collecting the fees and sizes. We can even help you print and ship the right sizes at the right time. If you’re planning a cookout, you can also collect donations for your burger fund.

The Open on a grand scale can be intimidating for your athletes, but making it an event unique to your community is a great way to increase engagement and have a lot of fun rolling into the holiday season. We are here to make it easy for you to throw an amazing Intramural that builds your community and is designed to save you time and stress.

Take a look at our demo Open here.

Ready to get started on your own intramural? Go to Throwdowns.com and click to create a competition. Questions? We’ll be there every step of the way. Let’s do this!

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