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November 5, 2019 – 

Functional fitness competitions have the potential to foster true communities where athletes encourage, support, and push each other to reach their goals — a big reason participants choose to join in the first place. According to Damon Centola, PhD., author of How Behavior Spreads, friendly competition is by far the most effective way to motivate healthy behavior change.

So, how can your gym or box make a fitness community come to life through competitions?

Tech Kicks Experience up a Notch

Technology is a key component of creating amazing community experiences for athletes who want to connect through fitness competition. Here are a few community benefits of employing a competition management platform at your gym.

1. More Fitness Competition Info, Now

Fitness Competition InfoBeginning functional fitness athletes have to learn new jargon and processes.  When they step into a box or gym, they want to feel welcome, and to be helped with all the things that are new to them until they become more familiar.  If the introduction isn’t handled well, newbie athletes can feel like outsiders, and this can prevent them from sticking with their workouts, even causing them to drop out completely in some cases.

Intimidation can be a significant barrier to attracting new participants and developing strong community bonds.  Even more so when it comes to competitions.  Beginning competitors naturally want to compete against athletes on a similar level as themselves, and they want to feel comfortable with the exercises they’ll need to perform.  Offering an entry level division with clearly communicated movement standards can go a long way to help new athletes be comfortable with signing up for a competition.

Fitness competition apps and other platforms help break down this barrier by providing athletes with greater access to valuable information.  These tools make functional fitness more approachable for beginners and give them opportunities to find training programs and competitions that align with their demographics and fitness goals.

2. Real-time Leaderboard Results

Leaderboard software allows gym owners and competition organizers to track and display athlete results in real time. When participants can easily see each other’s scores, they can cheer each other on and offer support throughout the competition. These real-time results can also push them to meet their own goals—per the Kohler effect, which indicates people in groups tend to work harder than when they’re working alone.

By making results readily available, this technology helps gyms further increase transparency among participants, which brings them closer together. This also creates a better experience for spectators by allowing them to be included in minute-by-minute competition progress—whether they are physically present for the event or cheering on friends and family remotely.

3. Less Logistics Stress

Gym communityUltimately, technology has the power to transform the way gym owners establish and manage fitness competitions — which means you can spend more of your time investing in the gym community and less on logistics. A competition management platform serves as a central location for maintaining all programming, registration, and scheduling activity. This takes the burden off of you to manually keep track of all this information.

With this framework in place, you have the freedom to design the kind of community experiences your athletes want. You can focus on getting to know them and understanding their personalities, fitness goals, and community expectations. You can even use this time to establish relationships with causes or individuals in need in order to leverage competitions as fundraisers. Some common examples include raising funds for a gym member needing medical treatment or supporting a veteran organization like VETWOD.  This will lead you to cultivate an environment in which your athletes can grow and thrive for years to come, and even give back to the larger community.

Throwdowns Empowers Fitness Competition Community

The Throwdowns team is made up of competitors and gym owners who know firsthand what it means to host amazing competition experiences. That’s why we’ve designed our competition management platform with these experiences in mind.

With the Throwdowns platform, you can give athletes access to relevant, helpful information, maintain real-time leaderboard results, and streamline event planning and logistics. We’re here to handle all the details, so you can stay focused on your people.


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