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General announcements and news about competitive fitness events, happenings in the CrossFit community, and noteworthy advice for competition planning.

Got Tactical Strength?

In the CrossFit community, our coaches continually reinforce the importance of functional fitness. Whether you’ve heard the concept expressed as “high intensity functional movement”, “being ready for the unknown and unknowable”, “shirking decrepitude”, or some other variation of the phrase, the basic premise is the same: if you perform regular maintenance on your body, you’ll be able to enjoy a fuller and more satisfying life.

Strong First Athletics, an organization and community that seems to be in violent agreement with us CrossFitters about the importance of functional fitness, has chosen an awesome expression for this same concept, and they call it tactical strength. This particular choice of words is powerful, because it appeals to our innate desire to be strong, especially in demanding (tactical) situations. The desire to be able to perform under duress is rooted deeply in the human psyche and has a tremendous impact on our confidence levels in all aspects of life. After all, who doesn’t want to be strong?

If you’re interested in putting your tactical strength (or functional fitness) to the test with Strong First, the “worldwide brotherhood and sisterhood of iron”, you can learn more and sign up for the next Tactical Strength Challenge that’s taking place somewhere near you on October 31.

We’re glad to be part of the team that’s helping to make it happen this year and looking forward to the test ourselves!

Our Deep Commitment to Charity

The team here at is deeply committed to the purpose of empowering CrossFit athletes and box owners with the tools to run charity competitions. Our first event ever (last summer) was Battle for the Box hosted at CrossFit Cool Springs here in middle Tennessee in support of myLIFEspeaks, and there’s been a regular cadence of charity competitions ever since. In fact, I’d estimate that nearly half of our events since inception have been CrossFit competitions whose primary goal is to build a better community or raise funds for a selfless cause.

Our philosophy is simple: if you are giving up your time to help someone else, then we want to help you do it more effectively! And if we can’t find a way to grow a sustainable business with the remaining universe of for-profit events, then we’ll have to more closely examine our business model or shut the proverbial doors.

If you’re a box owner and are thinking about hosting a competition for a charity purpose, let us help you save time, increase impact, and build reputation with our best-of-class registration & scoring system. You have our word that we’ll provide it at the lowest possible price point, and in some select circumstances, that might even mean that we are able to provide it at zero-cost!

Help Wanted. Inquire Within.

If your passion is sales/marketing and you get excited at the idea of being involved in a tech startup in the CrossFit market, let’s talk…

For a little over a year now, I’ve been chipping away at It’s been a fun and rewarding journey, and through a lot of trial, error, and hustle, I’ve learned a lot about the market and developed a terrific product that provides tools for CrossFit competitions that helps box owners to save time, increase impact, and build reputation. Many of the competitions have been here in middle Tennessee, we’ve had the opportunity to also equip competitions all across the country, powered some fairly large virtual competitions like HaitiWOD and The 12 WODs of Christmas, and even helped Iron Tribe Fitness execute their annual Tribal Wars event.

Although product development is a never ending cycle, especially in an emerging market, the product itself is fairly well validated at this point, and we’re confident that it provides a repeatable solution that meets the most pressing needs of competition organizers. Where we could really use some help, however, is in executing and scaling the go-to-market strategy. Think of this as a business development function that gets the word out, demos the product to potential customers, and generally helps with sales/marketing.

If you’re interested, please send us a note

Forging Elite Leaderboards

Just like any other competitive sporting event, CrossFit athletes and spectators want to have a clear view of who’s winning, by how much, and the context that they need to game out strategies and hypotheticals to clinch the win. In other words, all eyes are on the leaderboard.

If you’re a box owner organizing a competition, consider the following benefits:

  • A professional website that you can customize to market and communicate about your event
  • The most streamlined registration/payment process imaginable
  • Best-of-class leaderboards with a variety of scoring policies that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices
  • A lightning fast data entry process for entering scores during the crunch-time of the competition.
  • An easy and flexible setup process to enter in divisions, workouts, and scoring standards
  • Instant leaderboard/scoring updates during your competition and a variety of reporting formats for announcing winners
  • The best customer service in the business

If you’ve already opted to use EventBrite or another option for registration, we’ll even import your data if you want to try out our leaderboards and scoring system.

Your athletes, spectators, and event staff all deserve the best, and now you can give it to them. Don’t settle for a link to an online spreadsheet or piece of paper taped to the wall. Give everyone at your event a premium experience and build a reputation that’s second to none.

Save Time. Increase Impact. Build Reputation.