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We can help! Our specialty is ensuring that CrossFit affiliate owners and coaches have the tools that they need for running successful fitness competitions. Our registration and scoring products and services are battle-tested, easy to use, and have earned rave reviews from coaches and athletes from all around the world. This short video provides a brief overview…

  • Quick & Easy Registration and Payment

    Register your athletes, staff, and even event sponsors all in one place with a fast and easy mobile registration/payment experience. Sell out fast and configure wait lists to ensure that you operate at max capacity!

  • Fast Mobile Leaderboards

    View the action as it unfolds with live leaderboards that are optimized for a variety of mobile devices and update as soon as scores are entered.

  • Clean and Customizable Splash Pages

    Your competition's splash page can stand alone as its own website or provide a nice complement to an existing website or Facebook page. It's optimized for social media and helps your event to sell out fast!

  • Super-Simple Data Management

    Direct management of your registration data in an easy to use interface facilitates the creation of heat schedules and custom reports -- without the learning curve!

  • Live Events and Online Qualifiers

    Host a live competition in your box, or setup a virtual competition like an online qualifier where athletes submit scores online.

  • Flexible Scoring Policies

    Use placement-based ("CrossFit Open") scoring, or a variety of points-based scoring options such as the 2015 CrossFit Games points tables.

  • Spectators and athletes enjoy the leaderboards that are optimized for mobile devices.
  • Choose from a variety of flexible scoring policies that are available for your competition.
  • Spread the word about your competition with a customizable URL that maps to its own splash page.
  • Splash pages communicate key info and provide clear calls to action for athletes and spectators.
  • The registration process is highly customizable and quick for athletes to complete.
  • Online checkout is quick, easy, and totally secure. You have the option to receive payments instantly.



    • Live leaderboards optimized for mobile
    • Flexible scoring policies
    • Customizable webpage and URL
    • 24 hour email response for support
    • Up to 500 athletes
    • Pricing starts at $99
Registration + Scoring

    • Everything in the Scoring package
    • Register athletes, sponsors, and staff
    • Customizable registration process
    • 24 hour email response for support
    • Up to 500 athletes
    • Pricing starts at $199

    • The full Registration+Scoring package
    • Comprehensive consultation
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Immediate telephone support
    • Unlimited athletes
    • Pricing starts at $999

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